About us

Y-Not Natural Aust Pty Ltd, is a Western Australian owned and operated family company founded by Mr Mervin Anderson. Y-Not Natural was born from an idea that began when Mervin shared his ambitious dream of launching a revolutionary line of highly effective products that came from the most superior ingredients natural to Australia.

As a health and skincare enthusiast, he designed the YNN products to provide dependable and reliable high-performance pure and natural products for the whole family – even the pets. To accomplish this goal, he focused on integrity: sustainable production, fresh bioactive Australian Emu Oil (a most highly prized oil of exceptional high-grade purity), and the latest cutting-edge green biotechnology.

Today, that dream continues to grow with a core team of chemists, nutritional scientists and consultants, whose combined talents drive this unique and ever growing line of innovative, intelligently designed products for the modern consumer worldwide.

The manufacturing plant and process exceeds every Australian and European standard in the production of pharmaceutical and medicinal products. This stamp of quality provides consumers confidence when buying our products, which they can be assured, poses no adverse health effects.

One of the many beneficial ingredients included in Y-Not Natural products is the pure Australian free range Emu Oil. Australian Emu oil is widely recognized for its unique qualities, which include anti-inflammatory properties and skin penetrability making it one of Australia’s most used natural therapy oils for over a thousand years with the indigenous cultures.

The Jillaroo product range includes natural ingredients with Australian Organic Avocado oil and a naturally occurring form of Vitamin E, essential oils, herbs and vegetable carrier oils.

Y-Not Natural skin care products will help nourish the entire body and most importantly, create a feeling of wellbeing and an improved quality of life. The products work both topically as well as the cellular level to help nourish the skin, body and mind.

By using a holistic approach, Y-Not Natural seeks to help improve your emotional, mental and spiritual self, which is as essential to your health, healing and proper nutrition.

“We combine the best of nature with the best of science”

  • Top quality products
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Competitive Price

Product of Australia

All of Y-Not Natural product's significant ingredients come from Australia, and all of the manufacturing and processing has been carried out in Australia.

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