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Welcome to Y Not Natural

As a proud Western Australian and a health enthusiast, I always knew I had everything I needed to create wholesome, nourishing skincare products.

Harnessing the incredible benefits of emu oil and essential oils of carefully-selected plants, I created recipes that my family used to nourish their skin, hair and even the dog’s coat.

My dream was to branch out and provide those products to anyone in Australia who wants better skincare and is interested in a holistic approach with outstanding results.

Today, that dream continues to grow as our team of chemists, nutritionists and consultants combine their talents to create innovative skin, hair and pet care products.

Our pure, free-range Emu Oil is widely recognized for its unique properties, which include anti-inflammatory pain relief and skin penetrability.

For thousands of years, this prized oil has been used among the indigenous cultures for healing. Now, it’s available to you.

Oure 100% Pure Emu oil has theis ancient synergy, assembled by nature, kept intact during the rendering process, to create a truly pure and effective oil. The rendering of Emu fat is done in the ancient traditional way learnt from an Aboriginal Elder with 40,000 years old wisdom. The rendering plant has been scientifically synchronized to maintain the highest possible biological activity in the oil. Every batch we supply is 100% natural Emu oil and the rendering plant is fully certified.Our Emu oil is safe as the rendering plant in Australia is HACCP and GMP certified for human consumption. Every batch of Emu oil is fully traceable back to the producer, the farmer.

Y Not Natural is still a family-owned business committed to maintaining our integrity, both in our recipes and in our sustainable production practices.

The manufacturing facility and process exceeds every Australian and European standard in the production of pharmaceutical and medicinal products, so you can choose confidently.

Y Not Natural skin, hair and pet care products work both topically and on a cellular level to nourish your entire body and create a feeling of wellbeing that is sure to improve your daily life.

We’re excited to welcome you and can’t wait for you to see for yourself what Australia’s natural ingredients can do.

Mervin Anderson
Founder/Managing Director
Y Not Natural AUST Pty Ltd