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    • I recommended using these Australian made natural products.

      Vincent- Perth
    • I have been using Y-Not Natural products for the last six months and the quality is just wow .

    • Having used both the Emu Balm and the Sport Ice Gel, I have found them of immense benefit for my arthritic hands. They are an essential carry item in my golf bag with the added benefit of being readily absorbed without leaving an oily residue. I only wish it improved my golf.

      Viv G- Perth
    • I've been using Ynot Natural Moisturiser for 10 years now . Tried using other really expensive big brand products but none of them kept my face hydrated all day. I'm constantly working in front of the computer all day, and found that by the end of the day, around my eyes would get really dry. Since I've been using Ynot Natural, I never experience that again. I also use the bodywash, and love it. You can't go wrong when it's natural. Great product!!!!!!!!

      Angel K
    • My use of the Y Not Natural product suite is related to my intolerance to normal soap products since having a transplant. I have used three varieties being the Omega 369 Unscented Soap, the Omega 369 Australian Soap and the Omega 369 Calendula Soap. These are long-lasting with very good suds quality. The soothing feeling is quite refreshing and allows my skin to breathe.

      I gather the Emu oil is the quality that gives the great after-touch that lasts after showering. Together with the magnificent hair products (nourishing Shampoo & Moisture Repair Conditioner) I come away with an extremely fresh feel and outlook for the rest of the day.

      Ron Martini
    • I had a niggling spinal pain that affected all levels of my sport activity for many years. I found the Omega 369 Sports Oil Rub had the qualities that allowed my back pain to ease that much that I was again able to become active. It was easy to use and apply and rubbed in well. The pain was gone in minutes and lasted that way for at least 24 hours.

    • Good day, This year, the first time I had to deal with the goods produced by your company, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and design of your produсtions

      Victoria - Belarus
    • I find the Emu Balm very soothing for my hands after a long day in the garden and always apply it after a shower or before going to bed at night.

      Viv G- Perth
    • "I have very sensitive skin, particularly my face and around my eyes; and have tried many moisturisers over the years. Y-not-natural moisturiser with vitamin E is the only moisturiser that does not cause an allergic reaction; it leaves my complexion feeling wonderfully hydrated and looking vibrant and youthful (as commented on by others). I have also tried many different brands of emu oil (some cheaper, some more expensive), but all of them a yellow/gold liquid that is just poor quality despite advertising to be high grade. I have not found one that comes close to the quality of Y-not-natural omega 369 oil... the rich creamy texture is so beautifully nourishing for the skin and hair, you can really see and feel the difference. I now order my annual supply direct from Australia to the UK, and have had found that this family company are an absolute pleasure to do business with, they are ethical, honest and have really looked after me as a customer. Thank you so much Y-not natural for all your generosity and for a quality product and amazing customer service.".

      Jacqueline, London, UK
    • In Japan, Emu oil is not common. When I traveled Perth, a tour guide told me about it. Since then I have been using Emu Oil. This is my favorite oil and I use it on my face, body, feet, anywhere I feel dry and itchy. Before I knew Y-not-natural, I tried other emu oils, but the quality is different, Y-not-natural Emu oil is the best, penetrate the skin quickly and not oily. Now all of my family use it when their skin is dry, stiff neck, get bruised, scratch or cut. Thank you very much Y-not-natural for a quality product and great service.

      Chikako Ishikawa, Japan
    • Since 10 years my wife sits permanently in a wheelchair. Late 2012 she started to get wounds on her buttocks, at first small ones. We went to the hospital and they gave her Inotyol ointment and told her to rest and try to ”air” the wounds every day. But the wounds either disappeared or got smaller. During summer 2013 we tried very hard with ”airing” and ointment and managed to reduce the wounds a lot. But during the autumn the wounds grew to the size of the palm of a hand on each buttock and got deeper and deeper so the nurse, who comes home to us to tend to my wife, had to put ”filling material” in some of them. Then I remembered that I had a small bottle of emu oil in the fridge. I had used it on our dog´s paws after training him. I put emu oil on the wounds and after one week the bottle was empty and to our and the nurse´s surprise the wounds had almost healed. I then sent for a large bottle of YNN Emu Oil, continued to put emu oil on the wounds morning and night and the wounds healed completely. During Easter this year my wife had to spend 10 days in the hospital and when she came back home she had big wounds again. The hospital had tried their method to heal them without success. We started with the oil again and after approximately a week the wounds had disappeared and have not come back. We continue using the oil every day.

      Söderhamn 14 July 2015 Björn Ahlgren Sweden
    • Anti - wrinkle oil is easy to apply and fills good on the skin. Smell is pleasant. Perfect to apply before bed and skin filled smooth in the morning . Revitalising eye cream. Good smell, easy to apply, filling cooling effect very pleasant. Skin don't dry till morning. Daily care moisturiser. Smells really exceptional, absorbed easily in the skin, smoother the skin..

      Victoria Gala 12 August 2015
    • Just to let you know i received my package yesterday - the shipping was incredibly FAST! Thanks a lot - I'll be purchasing from you again in the futrue. Have a great day!

      G Padilla, MEXICO 25 September 2015
    • Y Not Natural – Revitalising Eye Cream The one thing in my skincare regime that I care most about is an eye cream. Typically, I buy a brand, and upon finishing the bottle, try another, in hope for one that really makes a noticeable difference. Last year I stumbled upon Y Not Natural, when at the Fremantle market. Having never heard of the benefits of emu oil, but then being informed, reading the ingredient list (with emu oil as the second listed!) along with it being an Australian made product, I thought why not. A bonus was the price being a fraction of what I usually pay. 1 year later and I am so grateful I saw it and gave it a go! It has been the best eye cream I have bought, with my problem areas of dark circles and fine lines decreasing noticeably. The bottle lasts a while, is the perfect amount of richness and the skin around my eyes looks smoother and brighter. This is my go-to, as now a repeat purchaser and telling many all about it!

      Jessica Pereira 14 January 2016
    • You guys are fantastic! I definitely will be buying more product from you........I ordered and paid for my emu oil last Thursday 3 March. It was here in New Zealand by Tuesday morning 8th March!! Fantastic service!

      Janina Ewing 10 March 2016