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  • Y-NOT NATURAL Jillaroo Body Milk with Organic Avocado Oil plus Vital ET™
Y-NOT NATURAL Jillaroo Body Milk with Organic Avocado Oil plus Vital ET™

Natural Body Milk, Vital ET and Organic Avocado


Available size: 100g

Jillaroo Body Milk with Vitamin E

Rich in vitamins , A, B, C, D & E, rich in lecithin

Y-Not Natural’s Jillaroo Body Milk with Vital ET™ has been formulated to give you that perfect firm skin. The Jillaroo Body Milk is perfect for highly sensitive skin; packed full of Vital ET™, it is nutrient rich and provides the moisturizing ingredients that your body needs. It is rich yet easily absorbed even on the most parched body parts, your skin will not feel sticky, just super smooth as you would expect from this quality product.

To help lock in moisture, slather on straight from the bath or shower while your skin is still damp. It is also ideal for helping your skin to relax after a stressful day and excellent as an after sun soother.

Vital ET: natural bio available form of vitamin E

The beneficial use of vitamins in general and specifically vitamin E, continues to be an active area in dermatology and cosmetic science. A major skincare challenge for using vitamin E (α-tocopherol) has been to keep it stable in formulations. The most common approach has been to use the ester α-tocopherol acetate. Although it is more stable, it has a different efficacy profile than vitamin E. An entirely different approach has been taken in designing Vital ET which focuses on a phosphorylated form, tocopheryl phosphate, which scientific evidence shows is a naturally occurring form of vitamin E.


Apply morning and evening after a shower or bath. For best results we suggest you use this Y-Not Natural products exclusively to avoid emulsifiers and other irritating chemicals that can undermine or even reverse the benefits.